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 Lakshmi Series

The Occult Body, Auras and The Chakras

The occult body, the auras and the chakras.  The occult body is a field of attention.  

A human being is composed of various parts: the physical body; the subtle physical body or the etheric body; the occult body; the psychic body; the mind; the ego; the life force; and of course the jiva or the soul or what they call in Buddhism the anatman, that eternal spark which is the ultimate perceiver or non-doer.  The occult body is not a body in the sense that it has a shape.  It's shapeless.  The occult body is a field of attention.  It's an avenue of awareness.  It's a wind tunnel that connects the different realities.

Now certainly there are what we call "occult bodies." It is possible to create these occult bodies.  They're extensions of your own bodies; we call them allies or helpers.  An advanced spiritual aspirant is capable of creating many different bodies and can utilize these bodies to help aid others in their liberation.  But the occult body, more than anything, is a field of awareness.  You might say it's a way of being.  The occult body is power but power that is not directed in an obvious manner.  The word "occult" means hidden, that which is unseen.  

There are various forms of spiritual practice.  Naturally in some forms of spiritual practice we see that which is apparent.  When someone loves God, is truthful, is kind to others, compassionate, we can see what appears to be the cause and effect.  But the occult body is part of the realm of mysticism and it works through the occult fields.
The occult body is your extended awareness.

Just as there are different radio frequencies - shortwave, longwave, television, microwave - so in the cosmos there are different planes of awareness, different frequencies of being.  Some of these frequencies don't relate to human beings at all.  Some do.  The principal planes that relate to human beings are the physical plane, which is part and parcel of the physical body; the vital plane or the plane of energy, the life force; the mental plane or the plane of thought and ideation; the plane of self, the sense of self, the ego, the "I"; the occult plane which is the plane of mysterious power, effect without cause; the psychic plane, which is the plane of beauty and psychic oneness and awareness; and finally the supraconscious, the undifferentiated pure light of being from which all things come forth and to which all things return.  

The occult plane is neither good nor bad, neither emotional nor unemotional.  It's an expression of pure intensity.  We go down to the beach on a cloudy, stormy night when the wind is blowing and there's a tremendous gale.  The white caps are foaming, the winds are rising and everything is swept by that wind.  The surf pounds the sand.  That intensity, that tremendous, awesome power is similar to the occult reality.  The occult reality is a place of force and power.  

Many different beings live in the occult world, but the occult world is not a world for the lightweight.  By that I mean that the occult world is a world of warriors.  It's a world of power, survival of the fittest, I suppose you might say.  The beings in the occult world help some people in their spiritual evolution.  But very often they destroy people.  The occult reality is like a wild jungle and to go into that jungle you have to be very strong.  You'll be dealing with untamed tigers and lions and elephants and all kinds of things.  So unless you are very confident of your power, it's a good place to stay out of.

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