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Various Artists
Joaquin Lievano - Ecologie
Joaquin Liévano
Track Samples Listen Now - Joaquin Lievano - Ecologie
01. Ecologie
02. Scottish Highlands Melody
03. Coral Sea
04. Rainforest Dance
05. Symbiosis
06. Desert Winds
07. Blue Dolphin
08. African Adventure
09. Asia
10. Himalayan Sunset
Christopher Franke - Pacific Coast Highway
Pacific Coast Highway
Christopher Franke
Track Samples Listen Now - Christopher Franke - Pacific Coast Highway
01. Black Garden View
02. Mountain Heights
03. Lontano Mystery
04. Big Sur Romance
05. Driving into Blue
06. Purple Waves
07. Malibu Avenue
08. Cinnamon City Cliff
09. Wheels on Beach Park
10. Sunset Destination
11. Crystal Tree
12. Electric Becomes Eclectic
Patrick O
Ancient Dreams
Patrick O'Hearn
Track Samples Listen Now - Patrick O
01. At First Light
02. Beauty in Darkness
03. Unusual Climate
04. Life Along the River Vaal
05. Ancient Dreams
06. Malevolent Landscape
07. Last Performance
Wendy Carlos - Sonic Seasonings
Sonic Seasonings
Wendy Carlos
Track Samples Listen Now - Wendy Carlos - Sonic Seasonings
01. Spring
02. Summer
03. Fall
04. Winter
05. Winter (Out take)
06. Aurora Borealis
07. Midnight Sun
* Sonic Seasonings Track 3 is Golden *
Johannes Schmoelling - Wuivend Riet
Wuivend Riet
Johannes Schmoelling
Track Samples Listen Now - Johannes Schmoelling - Wuivend Riet
01. Matjora is Still Alive
02. Zeit (for Stephan)
03. Kneeplay No. 9
04. Walking on Wooden Legs
05. Wuivend Riet Part I
06. Wuivend Riet Part II
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