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Zazen Music and Meditation Talks
Free Dharma Talks and Music MP3s
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Enlightened Music

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Edgar Froese   > 
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Free Dharma Talks

Lakshmi Series   > 
Insights   > 
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Free Dharma Talks
(Spiritual Talks by Rama, Frederick Lenz)
Psychic Development   Psychic Development

Selfless Giving, Dharma, The Caretaker Personality, Psychic Self-Defense, Places of Power, Seeing

Rama Live in L.A.   Rama Live in L.A.

For Every Ending There Is a New Beginning, Cosmic Awareness, Consciousness Expansion and Desire

A Workshop With Rama   A Workshop With Rama

Psychic Development, Meditation and Kundalini, Enlightenment and Self-Realization

Lakshmi Series Laskhmi Series

Purity, Humility, Spiritual Absorption, Nirvana

Tibetan Rebirth Process, Tantric Mysticism...

Insights - Talks on the Nature of Existence Insights

Sorcerer's Explanation, How to Make Friends with God

Why Don't More Women Attain Enlightenment...

On the Road with Rama On the Road with Rama

Neutral Density, Unity, Magic, Electronic Tribe

Kundalini Yoga, Power, Transcendentalism...

Zen Tapes Zen Tapes

Career Success, Happiness, Reincarnation, Karma,

Personal Power, Zen of Sports and Athletics...

Tantric Buddhism Tantric Buddhism

The Natural State, Freedom, Possibilities

Computer Science, Peak Experiences, Light...

The Enlightenment Cycle The Enlightenment Cycle

Meditation, Buddhism, Power, Balance, Wisdom

Enlightenment, Miracles, Intermediate Meditation...

Rama Frederick Lenz
Advanced Buddhist Yoga is the art of altering your karmic patterns.
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