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 Psychic Development

Psychic Self-Defense

Psychic self-defense.

Today is the 30th of December, 1985.  It's around 1:30 in the afternoon.  Today I'm here in Massachusetts, talking about enlightenment, the enlightenment of your being.  Enlightenment is really divided into two parts-the search for knowledge, illumination and power.  One part of course are methods and ways of stopping thought, making the mind quiet and learning to be introspective, gaining access to deeper stratas of being, of mind, of the universe.  These methods are taught, can be learned from teachers, fairly freely.  It's helpful to be around people, sometimes, who practice those things that can be inspiring, or to have a teacher.

But in a way, at least an equal, if not a more important part of the study, is psychic self-defense.  Now, what's psychic self-defense?  Well, very simply, it is maintaining the integrity of your own awareness.  Life is a happy thing unless someone interferes with you, or of course unless you interfere with the happiness of others.  It is natural to be happy, to be strong, to be at peace.  Certainly there are other conditions, other awarenesses, but the most important realization for you to come to, in my opinion, is that life is a state of mind.  Everything is colored, completely, by your perceptual field.  If you're happy you could be in hell and it wouldn't matter.  If you're miserable you could be in heaven and it would be hard.  Your perceptual field actually is what creates heaven or hell.  As someone once said, "Nothing is neither good nor bad, only thinking makes it so." Well, that's right! Not simply thinking as we understand thinking, but also awareness.  Thinking is a simple way of saying what we're aware of, our awareness field.

We're made up of life energy-boy, we are! And that life energy is electric, it's filled with power and beauty and whenever our awareness field touches anything, we perceive it.  Our awareness field shimmers and shines and moves.  It's made up of the kundalini energy, plasma energy and other forces.
The universe is wonderful.  The secrets of life are fantastic if you get to them, and if you want to you should be able to.  It's not intrinsically hard to have a strong and powerful mind.

Our life energy is radically altered when it touches other energies.  Some energies affect it more than others.  The energy of other human beings affects it, and there are lots of nonphysical beings.  The energy of plants, trees, rocks, places, all of these things affect our energy field.  Our energy field naturally determines our awareness-it is our awareness-and if your energy field is high, strong, you perceive yourself wherever you go.  That's what you're seeing all the time, are endless reflections of your self.  That's all there is.

Psychic self-defense, of course, is the opposite of psychic manipulation.  In psychic manipulation what someone is doing is seeking to gain your life energy, pure and simple, (Rama laughs) or impure and simple, depending upon your point of view.  It is possible to tap into someone's life energy just like you can lift out money from their wallet, if they're not aware of it.  Just like in the old stories the vampire can drain blood from the victim and weaken them, and the vampire could finish them off and just take it all at one time, or they could keep coming back day after day.  Just like you can have someone who always gets money from you-who causes you to feel sorry for them-when they could go out and make money themselves, and they make you sympathetic when you shouldn't be and they feed off of you.

There are two mentalities in our world and lots of spots in-between.  One mentality I have referred to, of course, is the coyote mentality.  The coyote mentality is simply the mentality of the predator.  And then there is another mentality that we don't see too much of in this particular world, on this Planet Earth, and that is the mentality of the magical being that doesn't seek to feed off of anyone else per se, that doesn't seek to enslave anyone else.  These are happier, freer beings and some of them wander on the earth and of course in other worlds there are more.  There's no right or wrong in this, I suppose, it's just a point of view, but even the coyote is a little concerned about the pack of coyotes feeding on him, 'cause that happens here.

The universe is wonderful.  The secrets of life are fantastic if you get to them, and if you want to you should be able to.  It's not intrinsically hard to have a strong and powerful mind.  Granted, we live in a world of constant change.  Success is followed by failure, failure by success, life by death, death by rebirth, but still, you can dance along with all those pairs of opposites and have a wonderful time.  It's not necessarily so hard when you know how, like anything, unless someone or something is interfering with you.

In my opinion, everyone is interfered with to an extent by others.  People want your life force more than you realize.  Now, of course, at this point one can become extremely paranoid and start to blame everything that you don't succeed at in your life, or every problem that you have, on others who are taking your life force, which is just a wonderful way of excusing yourself and not doing those things.  So here you have to be very careful to perceive properly when you are being manipulated and when you are just trying to blame others, and if you search your heart you will really know.  That's about all I can say on that subject.

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