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$The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa - Garma C. C. Chang
The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa
Garma C. C. Chang
Since you have asked for the utmost Truth and Final Teachings, you should heed most carefully, and give your full attention.

1.  The Tale of Red Rock Jewel Valley

Obeisance to all Gurus

Once the great Yogi Milarepa was staying at the Eagle Castle of [Red Rock] Jewel Valley, absorbing himself in the practice of the Mahamudra meditation.  Feeling hungry, he decided to prepare some food, but after looking about he found there was nothing left in the cave, neither water nor fuel, let alone salt, oil, or flour.  "It seems that I have neglected things too much!" he said, "I must go out and collect some wood."

He went out.  But when he had gathered a handful of twigs, a sudden storm arose, and the wind was strong enough to blow away the wood and tear his ragged robe.  When he tried to hold the robe together, the wood blew away.  When he tried to clutch the wood, the robe blew apart.  [Frustrated], Milarepa thought, "Although I have been practicing the Dharma and living in solitude for such a long time, I am still not rid of ego-clinging! What is the use of practicing Dharma if one cannot subdue ego-clinging?  Let the wind blow my wood away if it likes.  Let the wind blow my robe off if it wishes! Thinking thus, he ceased resisting.  But, due to weakness from lack of food, with the next gust of wind he could no longer withstand the storm, and fell down in a faint.

When he came to, the storm was over.  High up on the branch of a tree he saw a shred of his clothing swaying in the gentle breeze.  The utter futility of this world and all its affairs struck Milarepa, and a strong feeling of renunciation overwhelmed him.  Sitting down upon a rock, he meditated once more.
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