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$The Upanishads - Prabhavananda - Manchester
The Upanishads
Breath of the Eternal
Prabhavananda - Manchester
OM is the bow, the arrow is the individual being, and Brahman is the target.


Filled with Brahman are the things we see,
Filled with Brahman are the things we see not,
From out of Brahman floweth all that is:
From Brahman all - yet is he still the same.

OM ...  Peace - peace - peace.

In the heart of all things, of whatever there is in the universe, dwells the Lord.  He alone is the reality.  Wherefore, renouncing vain appearances, rejoice in him.  Covet no man's wealth.

Well may he be content to live a hundred years who acts without attachment - who works his work with earnestness, but without desire, not yearning for its fruits - he, and he alone.

Worlds there are without suns, covered up with darkness.  To these after death go the ignorant, slayers of the Self.

The Self is one.  Unmoving, it moves swifter than thought.  The senses do not overtake it, for always it goes before.  Remaining still, it outstrips all that run.  Without the Self, there is no life.
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